Takahashi Seisakusho of Tokyo, Japan, has been producing fluorite apochromatic refracting telescopes since they introduced the 90mm f/10 FC-90 in 1979. This scope revolutionized amateur astronomy as the world’s first fluorite apochromatic telescope in regular production. Since that time Takahashi has not only produced fluorite apochromats up to 250mm but also mountings and a variety of state-of-the-art telescopes such as the four-element FSQ-106, TOA-Series triplet apochromats, Hyperbolic Astrographs, Newtonian-Cassegrains and Dall-Kirkham Cassegrains.

Takahashi produces polar equatorial mounts from the ultra-compact Teegul Sky Patrol 2 to the 350 lb. capacity, 2.5 arc-second accurate, EM-3500 observatory mount. Additionally, Takahashi manufactures two small, compact altazimuth mountings with fine slow-motion controls for those who prefer the simplicity of this design for terrestrial and astronomical applications. All Takahashi metal castings are sand cast at their own factory located near their Urii, Japan fabrication facility.

Takahashi also produces a wide range of innovative accessory products for amateurs and professionals including a complete line of eyepieces, super-smooth camera angle adjusters and various adapters for 35mm, medium format, 4" x 5" film photography and CCD imaging. As new technologies become available, Takahashi will continue to provide optical and mechanical excellence with innovation and superior design.

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