Coronado CEMAX (Contrast Enhanced) eyepieces are designed to optimize hydrogen alpha solar viewing. The CEMAX 1.25” eyepieces are fully multicoated on all surfaces (including all cemented surfaces, not just the air to glass surfaces) with specially-formulated coating materials that maximize the contrast in the H-alpha passband region. This improves the appearance of subtle solar details by eliminating residual internal reflections and scattered light near the solar disk. A matching solar-optimized 2x Barlow is also available.

User comments about the CEMAX eyepieces have been extremely favorable. Jack Newton, well-known astrophotographer, commented, “The new Coronado solar max eyepieces set a new standard for H-alpha observing. I compared the new solar max eyepieces (CEMAX) against all the eyepieces in my extensive collection and not one could equal the clear transmission of the hydrogen alpha line in yours.”

Another user commented, “I couldn't be more pleased. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful machining and attention to mechanical detail . . . The lenses and coatings of all three eyepieces and the Barlow appear flawless. Optically the Cemax's perform every bit as good as they look. Contrast is excellent, and that warm red glow from scatter in my other eyepieces is gone, allowing me to see prominence detail that is invisible with other eyepieces.”

Yet another user commented, “Just wanted to let you know that I've been able to use my new CEMAX eyepieces this week and compare them to other of my eyepieces. I was astonished at how much better – clear, crisp, contrast, detail – the CEMAX eyepieces were. I compared them against Televue Plössls, Panoptics, Radians and Naglers. Televue makes superb eyepieces – notwithstanding, the CEMAX were definitely better for solar viewing using the SolarMax 40mm set and T-Max tuner. Thanks for the great views.”

A cased set of all three CEMAX eyepieces (12mm, 18mm, and 25mm) and a 2x CEMAX Barlow is available at a savings over the price of the eyepieces, Barlow, and case bought separately.

These eyepieces are NOT a hydrogen alpha solar filter and MUST be used in conjunction with a separate hydrogen alpha solar filter to avoid the possibility of instant and permanent eye damage!

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