Astronomics has carried Celestron Telescopes since 1979. It was the first brand we chose to carry when we got into the telescope business, because of its reputation for industry-leading optical quality and product innovation. We wanted our customers to be able to buy Celestron telescopes from a company they trusted. Time has not changed our opinion of Celestron’s quality or innovation.

Celestron was founded in the 1950’s by Tom Johnson, as Valor Electronics, an aerospace electronics firm. Johnson, while searching for a suitable telescope for his two young sons, decided to build a telescope from scratch. Starting with a 6” reflector, he progressed to building increasingly larger and more sophisticated designs. Tom’s hobby soon grew into a full-time business, offering custom-made Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes in 4” to 22” models.

His immediate challenge was to find a way to efficiently produce the Schmidt corrector plate used in the top-of-the-line catadioptric telescopes (a hybrid of reflector and refractor telescope design). Although a corrector plate appears flat, it actually has a “wavy” surface that is difficult to mass-produce using standard equipment and procedures. By 1970, Celestron designers and engineers developed a revolutionary method of producing Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes at reasonable cost and in volume. This optical breakthrough was incorporated in the first Celestron C8. These Celestron telescopes were the first to make true professional-grade optics affordable for the amateur astronomer, and was the basis of the entire current serious amateur astronomy industry.

The popularity of the C8 in the consumer marketplace led to the Celestron 5 and then to larger versions including 11” and 14” telescopes. Today the Celestron telescopes line still features these models, but has been greatly broadened to include other telescope sizes and types and many other quality optical products – binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes, and more.

Celestron has experienced impressive growth over the years. Throughout the world, Celestron telescopes have become the “telescope of choice” for the serious amateur astronomer. Major colleges and universities worldwide use Celestron telescopes in their astronomy programs. And Celestron’s solid and esteemed reputation in the scientific community even resulted in NASA using Celestron’s C5 telescope on several space shuttle research missions. For NASA, size isn’t always of primary importance, but quality is – and Celestron has always provided quality optics and product innovation . . . for science, education, and you. To buy Celestron telescopes, check out the models we carry online!

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