Celestron glass eyepiece color filters thread into the chrome barrels of virtually all 1.25" eyepieces available today (except Vernonscope and Questar Brandons, which require Questar/Vernonscope brand filters). The filters are available in several pre-selected four-filter sets. They use polished plane-parallel optical glass to minimize internal reflections and ghosting. They are antireflection coated and mounted in matte black low reflectivity cells with thin knurled grip rings for a more secure hold in cold weather. The 26mm clear aperture filters are packed in a foam-lined circular plastic storage case with a screw-on lid. Cutouts in the foam cradle each filter separately and securely. The filter number is printed on the side of each filter to eliminate guessing about which color you're looking at when examining a filter at night with a red flashlight. Each filter has dual threads to allow you to stack two filters together – to combine a neutral density filter with a color filter to simultaneously reduce glare and enhance contrast, for example.

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